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 Best video player.

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PostSubject: Best video player.   Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:08 am

The video players i have used for playing .MKV is quite limited
Firs off VLC, this was the first universal video player I used, it used to be fast and lite in comparison tho the other free ones available, and wasn’t required to be installed, but it has some problems with decoding the videos sometimes. (the standard theme doesn't match vista/7)

A nice simple video player, basic interface, requires codec’s to be installed to play videos, harder to change settings than VLC, again the default theme doesn’t match vista/7

B.S.Player Free
Plays .MKV small installation, codec’s self contained, and under development from the non free version, interface is nice but not well known. (default theme is a bit tacky)

My question is, why did we only look at freeware media players for .mkv playing?
I found that PowerDVD9, can play MKV along with Many more types, and the codec’s use the full potential of the graphics card, and it also integrates into Windows Media Centre (if your bothered)

before and after video correction

intergration into windows media centre

Links to PowerDVD9 Ultra (113Mb)
Download link 1
Download link 2
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Best video player.
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