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 Thank you.

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PostSubject: Thank you.   Wed May 19, 2010 7:11 pm

It's strange. It seem's like 3 months ago i was walking through the doors of MMU for the first time. My does time fly. But I made this topic not to complain about how fast the year has gone but to thank this society BAKA. I remember the first meeting of BAKA i walked into the anime room nervous as anything but as time went on I got to be myself around everyone and you all got on with despite my crazy personality (like Tim would say 'Its BAKA'). And i would say i got on with most of you at BAKA Smile Sure we had our hardships with losing the GM rooms which then caused member loss but it didnt stop us all from haing a blast at the meetings. So thank you BAKA for help making my first year at Uni a memorable one and lets make next year just as good!
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Thank you.
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