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 Software Suggestions :P

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PostSubject: Software Suggestions :P   Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:16 pm

If you have any useful software that you think could benefit the members of BAKA post it here Smile

PowerDVD9, really good video player for anything from MPG2 to MKV files.
get it >here<

Anybody who downloads files from One-Click-Hosters like or, can add a list to Jdownloader, and let it do the work for you, it automates the download process, and allows file resuming. Overall a great little app.
get it >here<

If anyone is interested in electronics try crocodile clips Electronics >here<

Sorry Ive not been active on this forum for a few months now, Ive had other things to deal with.


Now ya see here son, this is what we call a dead thread, it died as no one was interested or no one had info for it, or the author found the info and decided to let the thread die.

So we buried it, gave it a funeral and let it lie in piece.

Now what ya have don here is Necrothreaded it back into the living realm disturbing its grave and its peace! Why boy why?
The poor thread has suffered enough! Let it rest!!
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Software Suggestions :P
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