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 How to torrent at uni!

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PostSubject: How to torrent at uni!   Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:51 am

There are two easy ways to torrent in university (for legal anime + manga) at around 700kb/s

The first is the easiest to setup, download Opera web browser and install.

now browse to a torrent website, and click on the link, when prompted, select "open"

choose where you want to save it, click yes, and it will download.
Pros: quick, and simple to setup
Cons: cant select torrent parts.

the second method is to use a torrent program, and a proxy.
Download µTorrent and install it.
Now download UltraSurf (Caution, it will wipe IE's history*, and some virus scanners detect it as a virus, it is NOT)
start both programs, and minimize UltraSurf

set a proxy server in µTorrent (Options>Preferences>Connection) with the following settings:
Server type:Socks5___Proxy:
now if everything is working correctly, you should be able to start you torrents.
Pros: full control over what you download, and priority control. allot more options when configuring.
Cons: slower, and harder to setup

*optional-------------Change UltraSurf's options to be less annoying
-------------------------make sure noting is ticked, except "hide golden lock"

Recommended-------For extra security and privacy, download PeerBlock, to stop your torrents
-------------------------being tracked by anti P2P companies

If anyone finds this useful, or spots a mistake, please leave a comment Very Happy
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How to torrent at uni!
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